If you have found your way into her web site, then know that change is knocking on your door!


"Change is not easy, nor always pretty, but change is essential for each of us to discover our total potential. Change can set you free if you are brave enough to start the journey".







Mohr Vision ~~ Journey Inward

Monte created Journey Inward in 1980.

Journey Inward Gatherings were designed to explore seeing and feeling simple body energetics (aura), and techniques on developing the skill of intuition. Love, widsom and humor were the central themes around which hundreds were empowered and inspired.

Monte has been described as a "Wisdom-holder". She has the ability to perceive the hidden and creative spirit of natural phenomena coupled with an innate ability to see through to the very "signature" of a soul. She no longer offers retreats, but does, on request, offer weekend workshops and readings over the telephone or in person. If you are interested in a weekend workshop or a reading, please e-mail her for details.

"Before we may understand the mysteries of life - we must be able to understand and explore, the deep inner mysteries of self."